Social Media Editor –

Company Overview

The DMV’s front office. Washington D.C.’s Metro area, often referred to as “The D.M.V.”, an acronym for D.C. Maryland and Virginia, is the voice and platform for local burgeoning artists. is also a premiere music, culture and entertainment website.


  • Curate content on a Global scale for channels like Facebook and Twitter
  • Author blog posts, Facebook status updates, articles, feedback, tweets, ratings and/or reviews
  • Execute a communication strategy around reactionary, anticipated, planned and integrated messaging
  • Monitor online conversations and participate in them to build brand visibility
  • Stay up to date on new social media tools, best practices and how other organizations and brands are using them
  • Develop and Manage marketing campaigns, effectively driving brand awareness, engagement, traffic to social media pages and website
  • Analyzing social media engagement metrics, such as new user growth, fan likes, comments and shares
  • Develop, grow and engage online community
  • Creation and deployment of social media content calendar